Aquarium Benefits

The tranquility aquariums offer can only be appreciated if the contents can be seen. LED’s offer multiple benefits for all types of aquariums. Whether it’s a small freshwater tank needing color or a living saltwater tank with growing coral that needs healthier lights, LEDs are the right choice. Coral reefs in tanks usually can’t tolerate the increasing heat from traditional lamps and don’t grow as well. LEDs offers heat reduction, benefiting both fish and coral and slowing down algae growth. LED’s in the tank can have multiple effects such as 24 light spectrum replicating sunrise, sunset, cloud cover and lightning effects.

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Heat Reduction

LED’s are better for aquariums because of there heat reduction. Regular bulbs can burn 50 to 90 degrees hotter than LED’s causing faster and more prominent algae growth. LED’s also keep coral growing better with the more stable temperature and adjustable tones the lights offer.

Showcase the Colors of the Aquarium

With adjustable color temperature you can get the desired effect out of your aquarium and showcase the life of your tank. LED’s can make your fish and plant life in the tank have a more natural vibrant look.

Light Effects

While LED’s offer a better way of growing coral you can also add effects to your tank to mimic the light they would receive in the ocean. With the 24 hour spectrum the lights can changed depending on the time with options such as cloud cover, sunrise and lightning effects.

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