LED Lighting Benefits


The amount of benefits provided to consumers by LEDs are unmeasurable. They light our homes, our businesses, our daily walk is lit by the illumination of these brilliant lights. One of the immediate benefits is the lifespan of LEDs versus Halogen bulbs. While Halogen bulbs will last anywhere from 2 thousand to 6 thousand hours, LEDs are designed to live up to 80 Thousand hours.


The advanced lifespan of LED’s is further complimented by the amount of light they produce while using less energy. Studies show only 10% of the energy that goes into a Halogen bulb is actually converted to light, the rest is released as heat. This is a vast difference when compared to LEDs, which are measured to release up to 80% light. This translates to more than 90% in energy savings, greatly reducing our carbon footprint and energy bills.

Unlimited Warranty

Our goal is make your world a brighter place and we want you to be happy with our LEDs. Our 5 year unlimited warranty covers tube lamps, metal halide replacements for parking lots and warehouses, as well as recessed can lights.

Our 2 year warranty covers color changing fun lights as well as accent lights.

If you have any problems during our 5 year warranty just call us and we’ll replace your lights at no cost.

Did you know?

Photophobia is the term used to describe light sensitivity. This typically affects people with light eyes because they have less pigmentation in multiple layers of the eye than those with darker eyes. Because of this, they are unable to block out the effects of harsh lights like sunlight and fluorescent lights. Generally green and blue eyes can’t tolerate higher kelvin, those with eye sensitivity issues can get LED lighting with comfortable levels.

Other Benefits

Energy Saving Benefits

While LED’s offer a new way of looking at things, the adding savings and conservation of energy, speaks for itself. LED lights use 50 to 92% less energy than your average incandescent bulb. They also use less watts and produce less lumens. This reduction then lengthens the life of your bulbs and reduces the amount of time it takes to change them out. Surprisingly, the traditional lights we grew up with emit harmful ultraviolet radio frequencies that many people are sensitive to. By simply flipping that new light on, you can also reduce your carbon footprint by using mercury free LED lights.

Retail Benefits

When shopping, vibrant colors are critical. They capture the eye and if all goes well, the sale. For years, larger retail chains have studied the connection between sales and the placement of their most valued products. This is not possible without the light from above that showcases merchandise. LEDs provide energy savings which translate to lower electricity costs. In addition, lower temperatures, creating a more comfortable shopping environment. Great lighting sets the mood for shoppers. Items the store wants to sell shine when lit by LED lamps in vibrant display cases.

Aquarium Benefits

The tranquility aquariums offer can only be appreciated if the contents can be seen. LED’s offer multiple benefits for all types of aquariums. Whether it’s a small freshwater tank needing color or a living saltwater tank with growing coral that needs healthier lights, LEDs are the right choice. Coral reefs in tanks usually can’t tolerate the increasing heat from traditional lamps and don’t grow as well. LEDs offers heat reduction, benefitting both fish and coral and slowing down algae growth. LED’s in the tank can have multiple effects such as 24 light spectrum replicating sunrise, sunset, cloud cover and lightning effects.

Recreational Benefits

LED’s have added a new dimension to our daily lives, including our recreational time. At DetaiLed Lighting Systems our LED’s are ideal for your entire home, inside and out. Our lighting systems can illuminate any feature with any color imaginable. You can add curb appeal to your house with low voltage LED’s complementing architecture, trees, and flowerbeds. Bring out colors in your counter top by adding accent lights in your kitchen. Light up your hot tub or add remote control LED’s to your boat. Just call us and we can either help you come up with a lighting scheme or shed a little light on your own ideas.